Flea Market Bliss

Oh, How I love a great flea market. The thrill of the hunt, through dusty boxes or well displayed goods . There is nothing better than spending the afternoon looking for a trinket you can’t pass up and at a good price!


I have haggled in the flea markets of France , in Moroccan Souks

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The lovely market in London’s Portobello Rode


Image result for portobello marketImage result for portobello market

and at road side junk shops that just call your name with abundance of well used finds! I am on the search for some great ones in Indiana. If you have a special one that fills you with Bliss, pass it on.

A Glimpse of Spring

Oh what one warm day does for my soul! Even though I know that sleet and snow could come tomorrow ,I relished the sun and let my mind wander ……….

to empty flower beds to fill at our 1854 house…

to planting poppies and hollyhocks…


tulips and Hyacinths…


“Spring is a time of plans and projects” ¬†Tolstoy wrote.


and to dream of Sunflowers.